To apply for the program, fill out the online application form. Don’t forget to include all relevant information about your startup!

Our program is designed for early-stage startups. We accept startups across various industries and stages, as long as they have a strong potential for growth and a clear vision to scale. We encourage all passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs to apply!

Absolutely! While many of our participants are technology-focused startups, our program is designed to cater to a wide range of industries. Our focus is on scalable startups and we select the founders who have an ambition to grow, and startups which have the potential to scale. The principles and strategies covered in the program can be applied to various sectors and help any startup succeed.

The Rev Startups Accelerator program is a fully virtual accelerator program. This allows startups from around the world to participate and benefit from our resources and mentorship.
If selected, you do not need to relocate to join the program. We try our best to adjust the program session times based on the participants’ timezones.

We evaluate each company based on three broad criteria:
The founders and the team,
The market and the opportunity
The product/service being delivered
We recognize that each company is unique and the finer selection criteria changes based on the company, the founders, and the industry,

Yes. We work with diverse teams with a diverse set of founders and varied team sizes. We focus on helping you scale businesses in the most equity efficient manner. So we will work with you on the team building and human resources aspects of your business.

Rev Startups is a no-equity accelerator program as we believe equity is the most expensive thing for an early stage business to give away.
Also, we find that advisory/mentorship is most effective when there is a token financial exchange to value their time and as a token of commitment from the founders. We act as your interim non-equity co-founders/advisors/mentors through the entire program. We charge a nominal fee for the program as a token of commitment from the founders. The fee is heavily subsidized through scholarships and we try our best to accommodate founders facing barriers. Please contact us for more information on pricing.

The primary focus of our program is on providing expert guidance and resources and establishing the systems that allow you to scale. Funding opportunities may be available through the process. While we do not guarantee funding, we will train you in how to do an elevator pitch, help you create a pitch deck, executive summary and introduce you to potential investors once you finish the program. The rest is up to you! We have worked with hundreds of companies over the years which have had multiple levels of success.

The Rev Startups Accelerator program is a 14-week program. Participants are expected to dedicate their 2-3 hours a week to the program during this time.

Yes, after completing the Rev Startups Accelerator program, participants will continue to have access to our network of mentors, advisors, and alumni. This support network can provide valuable insights and connections as your startup continues to grow.

The success of the Rev Startups Accelerator program is measured by the growth and achievements of the startups participating in the program. Metrics such as increased traction, customer acquisition, revenue growth, successful fundraising rounds, and other key performance indicators are used to evaluate the program’s impact on participating startups.

Yes, the Rev Startups Accelerator program welcomes applications from startups around the world. However, please note that the program will be conducted in English.

The Rev Startups Accelerator program is highly selective, as we aim to accept only the startups with the highest potential for success. To increase your chances of being accepted, ensure that your application showcases your startup’s unique value proposition, market potential, and team capabilities.

While the program is primarily designed for early-stage startups with a viable product or service, we occasionally accept startups in the idea stage if they demonstrate exceptional potential. If you believe your idea has strong potential and a clear path to execution, you are welcome to apply.

Yes, the Rev Startups Accelerator program provides ample opportunities for networking with fellow participants, mentors, advisors, and other industry professionals. Through workshops, events, you will be able to connect with like-minded individuals and build valuable relationships that can help propel your startup forward.

While the primary focus of the Rev Startups Accelerator program is on building a solid foundation for your startup, we understand that fundraising is an essential aspect of growth. Throughout the program, you will learn about various fundraising strategies, how to create a compelling pitch, and how to approach potential investors. Additionally, our network of mentors, advisors, and alumni may provide valuable connections and introductions to investors.

Rev Startups is so much more than a program. The 100 days with us takes a 360 degree view on your startup. Our aim is to help you accelerate, scale and increase your valuation by identifying your fundable milestone events and mapping out a path toward them. It is imperative to have all “your ducks aligned” before you actually get into fundraising mode and we aim to do that with you. Some startups may be closer to the fundraising path than others and we are able to accelerate you toward the Investor Roadshow earlier if needed.

Yes, if your startup is not accepted into the program, you are welcome to reapply in the future. We encourage you to take the feedback provided during the application process into consideration and continue to work on your startup’s development before reapplying.

The mentorship provided during the Rev Startups Accelerator program covers various aspects of running a successful startup, including but not limited to: market research, sales and marketing, team building, finance, and fundraising. Our mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and seasoned professionals who will share their knowledge and expertise to help you grow your startup.

We work with startups at varying stages. We have a focus on creating systems which allow startups to scale exponentially. If you have those systems in place and have been growing at 2x-3x each year since the past few years, you might be a bit too advanced for the program.
We have different paths within the program to cater for companies at various stages. We recommend you to book an assessment call for us to explore if there is a mutual fit between your company and the program.

While many programs are good at helping entrepreneurs with the high-level 30,000 ft. view of the company, most entrepreneurs spend the majority of their time dealing with executional and operational challenges.
Our program is designed for both, the higher-level strategic planning, and the tactical execution planning for your business.
We help you establish the systems and processes required to build a fundable and scalable business.

In our experience running accelerators for over a decade, we feel demo days are not the most effective in raising funds. Instead of having a demo day, we rely upon warm introductions and outreach, providing a much better exposure to investors.

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